Friday, November 30, 2007

happy national day!

we get a three day weekend... woot woot!! i actually get a sunday off of work. this means i go to work on monday like the rest of the world. it's going to be great! it's national day on the 2nd (hence the day off) so the country is in full celebration mode. this means there are lights up everywhere in the UAE colors (green, red, white, black) and people are decorating their cars and houses in pictures of the sheikhs and other patriotic items. now when i say "decorate" i mean that they take pictures (that look like those early 90's school photos with the nifty laser/stars/sunshine backgrounds) and they have them put on every window of their car (same idea as tinting), usually this car is an 08 BMW x5 or s class merceds you know one of the local's cheaper cars because we wouldn't want to mess up the really nice ones unless something really special happened (like winning the gulf cup in football... but that's another story). also there will be many shows, parties and shopping to celebrate what i believe is 36 years of independence. in fact soon will be the dubai shopping festival that is the greatest shopping time of all! at the last shopping festival i got a coach purse for 50% off!!! i can't wait!

i'm beyond excited... it looks like we're all set to come to the states in two weeks!!! whew what a battle. there's the tickets, the visa, the time off work but it finally all came together and we will be heading home and enjoying some nice cold weather and home cooked food. and i finally get to meet the baby! she's so adorable in her pics. seriously she has to be one of the most beautiful babies ever. and my fiancé finally gets to meet all the family. yeah no pressure for him ; )

word out to my ducks.... you must win the civil war. you can loose every other game but you cannot loose to the beavers at home!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

meet princess

this is our new kitten princess.... we have had her for about a month and she's growing so so fast. she use to fit in just one hand! she is a super curious cat that love to attack, string, tissues, imaginary bugs/dust/dots (i dunno what it is she thinks she's attacking) as well as attack that other kitten she always sees in the mirror. she loves to sleep under the covers and is, well, overall adorable. now all i have to do is figure out how to keep her from growing bigger... ; )

Sunday, November 18, 2007

is it all over?

we (the ducks) were ranked #2 in the nation. #2! and now it looks as though it's all over... just like that... a poor guy hurts his leg and not only to we loose our chances of going to a bowl but it he lost his heisman (did i spell that right?) chances as well. :::sigh::: at least we made it this far and lets all hope that we do NOT loose to those beavers on our home turf!!! and hey it's the ducks maybe we'll come back and finish out the year with 2 more wins! rootin from the big ME out here for you!

on another note... why do men think that women find it appealing to be followed in their cars by them. i would like to set the record straight. most women find it offensive that a man would follow us in a car... roll down their windows (on the highway i might add) and start trying to get our attention. we women are not slow, or dumb, or unaware of what the men are trying to do and they should take a hint at our rolling our eye's, slowing down, or speeding us (in direct contradiction to their driving) or even the occasional rude hand gesture as a sign that we are NOT interested. this i have decided is not restricted to just one part of the world but rather is universal. men everywhere think women in their cars are just waiting to be harassed, oops sorry, i mean swept off their feet by them. i have two questions... where did they learn that this works? and if ignoring them doesn't work than what does?