Monday, March 31, 2008

it's April!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH

we have less then a month left and i can no longer procrastinate everything.... i must get everything done and sorted BEFORE all of our families arrive. our families begin arriving in 18 days... 18 DAYS!!!! i have mixed feelings... half of me is ecstatic to see them and show them around Dubai and the other half of me is thinking AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH i only have 18 days to clean the house, get the cake, get the flowers, get my dresses pressed, go shopping because i'm sure there will be some things i "need", go get my hair done, finalize the seating arrangement, finalize the rehearsal dinner and ......... but i can do it. this can't be harder then finals week... right? hey, and i least at the end i get to be with my family, wear a pretty dress and eat cake! oh i'm feeling better all ready!

oooohh side note: i'm half way though my first pair of baby booties. i have chosen a mustard yellow, partly because i think the yellow booties will look great with a little black bow on each one, and partly because my options at the local yarn (and i use that term loosely) were this yellow, red, deep blue or green.
some exciting news is that i have yarn on the way! woot woot! who knew yarn in the mail could make a girl so happy! i'm going to attempt to make this pattern i found online that i think is amazing and looks easy enough to make. the bonus is i think i can have it done by the time my 9 month old niece turns 4 ; )

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


it's the beginning of my three day weekend and i'm sick!

i was fine when i left for work today. i felt great and was so excited to have a three day weekend! this is the first weekend i haven't had anything planned in a long time and i was going to use it like a mini vacation and rest. then at work i started to feel not so good. i figured it was allergies. this is common to me i get all congested and tired because the grass outside is growing or some flower is blooming but as the day went on it just got worse. people were coming up to me asking if i was "OK" and i thought uh oh that's not good. "yeah i feel fine. why?"
"you just don't look very good... there are dark circles under your eyes."
"hmmm" i say pondering if it was allergies or more. "i'm sure i'm fine... i feel fine... i think it's just allergies" holding my breath hoping it IS just allergies

now i'm home and in bed and i'm full on sick. in the span of 15 hours i went from fine to blehhh. i'm all congested and i have a fever... woot woot!

so i guess i'll definitely get to do this weekend what i was planning on doing: rest and sleep. but don't you worry! i'm sure i'll be well enough to go to work on sunday.

ok good night. i'm going to bed

Sunday, March 16, 2008

whew glad that's over with

let me tell you just how hard invitations are to do. it was hard enough to decide on something we both liked but then it became a huge production to get them to look anywhere near what we originally had in mind. i got to the point where i was happy to send out an Outlook meeting request and call it a day (except i can never get it to work right) fortunately between hilal's persistence and my ability to make bows we actually came out with some very nice looking invitations. but what i learned from the experience is pay what ever it takes but let someone else make them for you!

so now i have decided that since we had something not turn out "right" (even though it did work out nicely) for the wedding, i figure we have that out of the way and now everything will go smoothly. right?

one thing is for sure i now understand how women can become bridezillas planning all this stuff. you just keep telling your self that this is the one chance i have to make everything the way i want it to be. you're spending all this money and you just want it too be perfect... but really it's unrealistic. it doesn't matter how much (or little) money you spend some things will just not go right... and no one will notice. and IF they do, they wont care because really it's just a party where people are there to celebrate something special. ok so if i start to freak just remind me of that please ; )

Friday, March 7, 2008

why don't people plan their own parties...

one of the things that has started to bug me most about planning my wedding is that people feel the need to start giving me advice... if that's what you want to call it. i am very happy with the direction my wedding is going in. it's going to be a small ceremony filled with the people that matter most to us... not that guy that just comes to the party to get the free drinks and become waisted and too loud.

however on multiple occasions it has come to my attention that i will "regret" not inviting 350 people. yes that is three, five, oh! i don't even know 350 people and quite frankly i don't see what i am missing out on by not inviting that many people (outside of the ginormous bill!)

people have also told me that i will regret not spending some outrageous amount of money on my dress. i love my dress and spending more money on another one isn't going to make me more happy, in fact all it will accomplish make me more stressed about paying it off! besides spending more money on a dress isn't going to make me look like this...

they say you wedding is the best thing you can spend your money on and you will never regret it. seriously? it's a party! a PARTY! not a royal ball. i would rather buy a house or a car or that louis vitton purse i have always wanted but could never bring my self to buy.

i suppose it comes down to a difference in priorities. i am willing to spend a bit of money when i feel it is necessary (like the swarovski head piece i got) but over all i'm more worried about making sure everyone has a good time (including me and hilal!). perhaps everyone that feels the need to give me unsolicited advice, and sometimes i do ask for it! (see previous entry), should plan another wedding for themselves and they can invite 1000 people, have it be three days long, spend $12,000 on a dress and make sure that they have the biggest bestest wedding in the whole world!

on another note... why do you suppose my cat likes to lick my toes in the morning?

Monday, March 3, 2008

i need some opinions please....

so i'm considering foregoing the traditional wedding cake i.e. the white cake with flowers and whatever, in favor of this incredible chocolate, multi layered cake i had today. now it may not be as pretty as the more traditional cake but i'm betting it tastes a LOT better... what do you think? i'm not doing too much that is traditional at the wedding so my mind is split. on the one hand i figure not much is traditional, so why worry about the cake? but on the other hand i think there should be traditional elements in a wedding that is already not so traditional...