Saturday, July 17, 2010

My adventure...

Today I went on an adventure in search of a treasure...

I woke up at the crack of 9 am. I had to see if I had received the message. The message that would alert me to begin my trek through parts unknown all in search of a mysterious treasure. I have been checking for this alert daily for weeks and for weeks there has been nothing. But this morning as I reach for my iPod I had a feeling today would be the day... and it was.

The excitement got to me right away. I leaped out of bed and put together the necessary provisions in order to guarantee my success on my mission.

After tying my shoes and locking the door I made my down stairs to head through the city. I had a 30 block hike in front of me but it was something I was confident I could do.

I walked my way through the blocks using my tried and tested routs. I made it nearly to Michigan Ave when akkk! I reach a roadblock. Literally.

Police cars, roadblocks and people littered the sidewalks and streets. And the bridge was up! "But it's not a Sunday" I thought to my self as I made my way through the crowds.

I could see my treasure slipping away as I saw that Michigan Avenue had been shut down. It was littered with burned out cars and debris from falling buildings. There were helicopters hovering overhead... the thwaping of their blades making their presence known even when they were shielded by the towering buildings.

I rounded a corner hoping that I would spot an opening in the crowd and Transformers 3 paraphernalia. Alas! Ahead on Ontario I could spot the break I had been hoping for. The road opened up again.

As I strolled towards my destination I could feel the relief of getting through the crowds be replaced by the anxiety that perhaps I had received the message in error. I stepped out of the heat and into the building only to come face to face with Nick, the Apple Specialist. I gave him the secret code (my name) and he hurried into the back room with the urgency that said he must know where my treasure was. I waited by the printers trying to distract my self from the minutes that passed and just as I was about to worry he came back out with a smile on his face, holding the little box I have longed to see for weeks. After a few more minutes of deciding just what extra fun stuffs my new treasure would need I handed over my unique identification number (credit card) and was on my way with my highly anticipated treasure in my hand...

... Making my first phone call...

... on my new iPhone 4

Thursday, July 8, 2010

1st US Swap!

When I was abroad I had always wanted to join one of the swaps on Ravelry but it was very unrealistic to expect someone to send something to the UAE when normal post was 50/50 at best. So as soon as I got back to the US I signed up for a swap. I was so excited that I finally get to join in all the fun!

Right after I signed up and sent the mod my address we moved. yup. We moved! I didn't know what to do. Should I message that mod and be all "umm we moved quickly and I'm not in Portland and I can keep you posted as soon as we have an address." or just have my mom forward the box to me and have to wait precious extra days to receive my goodies??? We my problem was solved for me. As I was mulling this over I received a message from my swapee. It isn't customary for the swapee to reveal themselves early but I so glad mine did cause.... She lives in Chicago!!! She saw by stalking me (don't worry goes with the swapping territory. How else are you suppose to figure out what to get for someone you haven't ever met?) She saw that I had just moved and wanted to take me out to see the LYS's and invite me to her knitting group! I KNOW! So sweet!!!!

So I was finally able to make it to her knitting group today and guess what? She brought my swap package with her (ironically I had sent mine out to my swapee on the way to the group meeting)! It was so much fun to be able to open it in front of her and let me tell you her cyber stalking totally paid off....

So the theme of the swap was "Flat Rate Box" meaning fill up a medium size flat rate USPS box with as much as it'll fit. The swap needed to include yarn and a hand knit

This is what I got in mine! I KNOW! The box was practically busting that the seams!

  • There's some color work bobbins. Little did she know that I had my eye on these for a while.
  • Three pouches so I can better organize my notions and other knitting necessities. The pink one is perfect for DPN's
  • Some sock yarn left overs that I can use for a sock yarn blanket I want to start.
  • A huge bag of lavender. I love the smell of lavender I find it so relaxing.
  • And the green project bag! It's amazing! And even better her mom made it!!! LOVE (100000)

She also hand knit me this lovely red tam which will be perfect in a few months when fall and winter start to roll in. I love the design. Just my style.

And look at this yarn!!!! Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (in Clay)! A yarn I have always wanted to knit with! And the colors are AMAZING! Just like a desert sunset over the water.

Then, as if all of this wasn't enough, waiting in my in box was not one but two (TWO!) of the patterns I had on my wish list!!!! She sent me Arabella and Clothilde... both are by Kristen Hanley Cardozo. I can't wait to cast on one (or both) with some of my new lorna's laces.

WOW! Thank you spoiler! You really have out done your self and I am looking forward to our LYS tour in a couple weeks!