Monday, June 28, 2010


1. In case you haven't heard we've moved to Chicago. It all happened very quickly and we couldn't be happier

2. We have had 4 lightening storms. That's a lot of lightening

3. I've got my eye on the new iPhone. I might finally have to give in and get one

4. I have been working on another pattern

5. That's silky marino malabrigo. yum.

6. There's a street in Chicago called the magnificent mile. Anything that has a bloomingdale's, macy's, Nordstroms and Barney's that close together is pretty magnificent.

7. And my stash made it safely to Chicago. Phew.

8. It was the first box I opened.

9. I believe I have one of the most well traveled stashes out there.

10. I'm going to go enjoy an IBC Root Beer now

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