Thursday, December 29, 2011

FO: Portland Rain

I love to knit for those I love. I makes me feel good to know that something I made with my hands will brighten their day.

This year I gave my step-mom the gift of hand knits for her birthday and sent her a card telling her I would be happy to knit something of her choice.

 Imagine my surprise when she picked one of my very own designs!

I sent her some photos of yarn I had in my stash and she happened to pick the one I had been dying to knit with the most!

The scarf came out better than I had imagined and I hope that every time my step-mom wraps it around her shoulders she'll remember of just how much she means to me.

Pattern Details

Pattern: Desert Rain 
Yarn: Grinning Gargoyle Dedo in Garnet
Needles: US Size 4
Mods: I used smaller needles than the pattern calls for to get a fabric I liked. I also made the body of the scarf larger and did a few extra rows on the lace boarder as well.

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ramblingroses said...

Such a beautiful gift and so thoughtful!! She will love wearing it!