Sunday, August 26, 2007

Baby baby baby

my niece Frieda was born on the 24th! Yay!!! i'm very excited and am counting the days until december when i get to see her and meet her in person for the very first time. rumor has it that she's quite adorable... and i'm sure she is. she also seems to be dominating her parent's lives already! sounds like she's a bit like her auntie lindsay hehehe. her mom should be weary of leaving her alone with me for too long cause then i'll teach her all my tricks ; )
but i'm way proud of my big sis and her husband. they have already dealt better than i coulda with frieda's surprises. honestly though i can't wait to keep hearing about all the fun she'll put them through. that's the beauty of being the youngest... i get to watch everyone else do it first! driving, college, job hunting, marriage, babies... i get to watch them and then reap the benefits of their advice.

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