Friday, August 31, 2007

Down to the wire

Ok so I'm down to the wire on my first ever event that I have planned for work. Whew. My mind is going like a million miles a minute trying to think if I forgot anything or to make sure I got everything done. It really is just like finals.... work work work then hold your breath and prey you get a passing grade! I think I have gone through all scenarios and remembered everything. Although there were a few times last week that people with much more experience in this than I have asked me a few questions such as "Where will they set up lunch." My response: Blank glazed over look. hmmm ok well I quickly ran down stairs and covered that. This happened a few times over the last few days. Then there were the expected problems i.e. peoples changes in travel, delivering things to the hotel, boss changing his mind etc.
Also I’m in the middle of planning the next event! Trying to keep them straight is a lot of fun... My phone rings and it's a restaurant. "Hi Lindsay, I'm calling from (insert restaurant and hotel name here) and I was wondering if you were still interested in using our restaurant for the dinner your planning?"
I'm planning four at the moment so I reply "for when?"
"This is Lindsay right?"
"Yes but I need to know when the dinner you are referring to is?" see you never tell them you are planning multiple events and dinners otherwise they start bugging you for more business.
"Oh, well it's for the 3rd"
"The 3rd? Nope, I decided to go with another restaurant"
"Oh really? How come?"
Honestly at this point I'm excited if I even remember which restaurant it is that is calling me so I say the general. "I found another restaurant that could accommodate our needs better, but I'll be sure to keep you guys in mind the next time I’m planning a dinner. Thank you!"
This conversation must have happened at least 4 times
Oh well I suppose this is the nature of what I do. They go crazy for the business and I'm in the awkward position of turning them down nicely so that if I ever do want to use them they wont sabotage the event.

So I'll keep you all posted on how the next week goes! Keep your fingers crossed that I thought of everything!

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