Sunday, December 9, 2007

travel panic mode...

i'm in travel panick mode where i have realized that i'm leaving in a matter of days!!! oh my gosh and that means i have to pack and that means i have to remember things.. like all that stuff i have collected and tucked away for "when i go back home" and now i realize i should have made a list! how am i going to remember all this stuff! i can't even remember what it is now! i just have these vauge memories of thinking "oooh i have to take this to portland with me. i know! i'll put it in this spot here (had selected obvious spot) and then i wont forget to take it with me".
now i can't remember what the stuff was or what the "obvious spot" i stuck it in might be. so i'm rummaging though my whole apartment and making a mess so that i can find... oh! that's right! a key chain! why did i want to bring this home again?

on top of that i'm suppose to remember things like clothes and how to dress for the cold... FYI it's mid 70's and i'm cold now.... i have to wear long sleeves to work and i'm one step away from wearing a jacket! but the oregoinian in me won't allow it! i can handle a little coldness :::cough::: 70's :::cough::: i use to live in the rain! we would get ice! i live in the desert and it's not one that gets cold! although i have no idea how i will survive the weather in oregon... all i know is it better rain! i haven't seen rain in 11 months! that is just not right. people need rain to be happy. i'm tired of all this sun. sun, sand and palm trees that's all i see. i want to see some clouds and rain and mountains and green trees!
i can't wait to come home

oh i'm not even going to talk about the ducks today... it took too long to get over the dissapointment : (

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