Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh My Gosh

i can't believe it's been sooooo long since i posted! 2 months! sorry about that... if you are even still checking! i guess between work and wedding stuff and moving (i still don't have internet at home) time just got away from me.

any how the wedding plans are coming along. we're only 10 weeks away! can you believe it? i sure can't... but we have the date, the place and the time, and even the dress. so after that it's all icing on the cake... literally! cause i still haven't gotten a cake! but i can always get doughnuts from krispy kream ; ) yumm, maybe i should to some doughnut testing tonight! ooh yeah i have to get flowers.... and photographer... oh and my hair appt... :::sigh::: this list doesn't seem to end

but it’s all worth it in the end!


Charmaine said...

Hi Lindsay, thanks for dropping by my blog! I haven't managed to find a decent supply of knitting supplies here in the UAE. Sorry! I've been having stuff sent over from the US or the UK. I set up a mailbox with ARAMEX, get the stuff delivered there and then ARAMEX delivers it to the UAE at a better postage rate. That's the only solution I have come up with so far. Where are you? In Abu Dhabi or Dubai? Are you on Ravelry? Questions, questions?

Good luck with all the wedding planning. I know how stressful it can all be.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the quick the tip with Aramex! The only way I could figure out how to get supplies was to ship it over as well (and stuff my suitcases every time I visited the states). But at least I’m not missing some secret knitting hideaway tucked away somewhere!

I live it Abu Dhabi and work in Dubai so kinda both i guess you could say. I just found Ralvery today (thanks!) so I’ll work on signing up...

This whole wedding planning thing is way harder than I thought. I thought I was suppose to just point and say "I want that!" and it would be done... oh well it will be worth it in the end ; )