Tuesday, April 1, 2008

make what?

so i have been watching a lot of BBC Food Network and getting all these fabulous ideas for food... mostly it just makes me hungry so i end up making something gourmet like spaghetti with butter and cheese. but sometimes the stuff looks really good but they always say "just pop down too the store and get some...". most of these things are not in my stores and definitely not the ones near by. it took me forever to find authentic (dried out) flour tortillas forget about sour cream (yuuummmm), good sharp cheddar cheese, Lawry's Seasoning Salt and chicken stock in a can.... these are a few of the things that just don't exist here!

i heard i can make some of these things (chicken stock and sour cream (yum)) but it seems like kinda a lot of work! i didn't even know you could make sour cream i though it just came that way or it had to go through some magical transformation like gummy bears, marshmallows and the Oreo icing. they are just something magical and the taste soooo yummmy. perhaps i will try to tackle this process when yoghurt just wont work as a substitution for making ranch dressing anymore (cause it's ok but SO not the same) and i'll see if it's true that you can make your own sour cream.... then again maybe it's good that i don't have it. i have heard it's not the healthiest thing to eat out there ; )

oh and incase you haven't herd Red Bull Air Race will be in Abu Dhabi on the 10th and 11th. below are some pics from last year... and you can check out www.redbullairrace.com for more info

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Charmaine said...

It really can be frustrating sometimes, the things you can't buy here! Spinney's often has "Bulla" brand sour cream in both the full cream and light versions (I can't tell the differnce so always buy the light one). Bulla comes all the way from Australia which I just find so weird that they can import dairy goods that far. They also have Bulla ice cream which is great for when I'm feeling homesick. Another good substitute for sour cream is Creme Fraiche which Spinneys also sells. It's probably a bit closer to the mark than yogurt.