Monday, March 31, 2008

it's April!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH

we have less then a month left and i can no longer procrastinate everything.... i must get everything done and sorted BEFORE all of our families arrive. our families begin arriving in 18 days... 18 DAYS!!!! i have mixed feelings... half of me is ecstatic to see them and show them around Dubai and the other half of me is thinking AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH i only have 18 days to clean the house, get the cake, get the flowers, get my dresses pressed, go shopping because i'm sure there will be some things i "need", go get my hair done, finalize the seating arrangement, finalize the rehearsal dinner and ......... but i can do it. this can't be harder then finals week... right? hey, and i least at the end i get to be with my family, wear a pretty dress and eat cake! oh i'm feeling better all ready!

oooohh side note: i'm half way though my first pair of baby booties. i have chosen a mustard yellow, partly because i think the yellow booties will look great with a little black bow on each one, and partly because my options at the local yarn (and i use that term loosely) were this yellow, red, deep blue or green.
some exciting news is that i have yarn on the way! woot woot! who knew yarn in the mail could make a girl so happy! i'm going to attempt to make this pattern i found online that i think is amazing and looks easy enough to make. the bonus is i think i can have it done by the time my 9 month old niece turns 4 ; )

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Charmaine said...

I've got to say, I'm a big fan of the pinwheel sweater myself. I think I'd do it in rainbow colours!!! So where did you buy your yarn from? Getting yarn in the mail is great. I'm waiting on a big parcel from which I just discovered. They have a great variety and free international shipping! Can't beat that!