Monday, May 26, 2008

it's my liiiiiife! it's now or never

my hubby and i went to see Bon Jovi last tuesday at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi... and it was fantastic. they were great live! not like some bands where you love their cd but are completely disappointed when you hear them live with out a sound studio or they start changing the way the song goes. i hate that! :::cough::: Dixi Chicks! :::cough:::
but Bon Jovi was great they sounded better then their cd! and i gotta say Jon is quite the handsome guy ; ) although someone should have advised him against the shiny shirt AND shiny pants

did i mention we had really good tickets!

anyhow it was great fun and Emirates Palace is a great location for a concert... the only thing not great is the traffic getting out along the Corniche but that's to be expected when 15000 people are trying to leave one place at the same time! hehehe

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