Thursday, May 29, 2008

it's that special time of year again

so my husband and i had "the talk". anyone residing in the uae (or anywhere in the gulf) knows exactly what i'm talking about because they have the same conversation with their significant others... this is the conversation where you formally decide to no longer turn on the water heater because the water coming from out side is plenty hot enough. we are now at 44 C (111F) 44! forty four!!! and it isn't even officially summer yet! this is why our water heaters have light switches.

water heater on

and now water heater off

it is literally SO hot outside that we don't need to waist energy on heating more water. in fact the water heater will now act as a water cooler. yup, you read me right. the water heater, when turned off, actually keeps the water cooler than the water outside because well it's not in direct sunlight and we keep the house at a cooler temperature thus cooling the water

everything is becoming unbearable... the thought of walking outside in the afternoon is just painful. it's immediately burning hot and you start to sweat (which is just oh so lovely). in fact check out what happend to my husband's concert pass when he left it in the car for a couple days

see the one on the top? it's all melted and wrinkled, while the one on the bottom is what they started out looking like.

the bonus of the heat however, is that the sea is warm... like a nice warm (but not too hot) bath tub and you really cant argue with how blue the water is. the other day i saw 4 crab swimming together in the water! who knew they could swim? i just thought they wandered around the bottom

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Charmaine said...

Yep, I know all about the hot water heater discussion! Tee hee!