Friday, April 17, 2009

Handknits for Me!

I don't know how it happened to me today. Really I don't. One minute I'm rushing to the Dubai Mall to get some stuff and the next minute I am walking out of Kinokuniya Book Store with this!

I just don't know. I can't explain it. I went to the mall with a list hoping it would keep me from deviating and buying unecessary things and then this! I swear, I just went into the store for a minute. I don't even know why I went into the huge book store in the first place. I guess I just needed to see what they had and see if there were any new books out (not that I need any) and then I innocently wondered over to the knitting books section, you know, just too look. And then it happened. I saw Handknits for Kids by Lucinda Guy. I look at this book and also "And So To Bed..." by Lucinda Guy every time I go in. I flip through all the patterns imagining which colors I would knit them.

Today, however, they didn't have the second one. It was gone! They only had Handknit for Kids and maybe that's why I snapped! Maybe I panicked that I was loosing my chance to get these gorgeous books that had knits for kids older than 2! Does that sound believable?

Anyhow I am very excited to finally own this book because there are so many patterns in here that I wanna knit! Especially the birdie and the wildflower sweater. Basically I love all of the patterns in this book.

I always wondered how Princess got such even color on her tummy

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Charmaine said...

I have ALL of Lucinda Guy's books and love them. I can completely understand your urge to buy!