Thursday, April 30, 2009


So husband and I wanted to get away for a couple nights during our week off together. We decided to go to Le Meridian Al Aqah in Fujariah which is in Northern Emirates

After over 2 hours of driving we finally saw the hotel!!! But seeing the shark statue didn't help my nerves after husband had been teasing that he heard there were sharks in the water out here.

This is the lobby that greeted us as we entered. I was instantly relaxed.

And look outside!!! I could hardly wait for husband to get us checked in.

Well we finally made it up to our room... On the 12th floor!!! That pool was just calling to me! and let me tell you that it didn't take more than 15 minutes before we were down there swimming

This is the view to the right. I miss mountains (I know, these hardly qualify but work with me here) so much!

And this is the Rotana to the left, which is just next door to Le Meridian. We went over there for dinner one night and I have to say that while is a beautiful hotel and has a lovely pool slide that looked like a lot of fun, I much prefer Le Meridian.

The atmosphere in Le Meridian Al Aqah is just so much more inviting. Also every room in Le Meridian has a Sea View which isn't the case with the Rotana.

The bulk of our time at Le Meridian was spent in the pool, in the sea or lounging in the sun. It was fantastic. We had dinner while hearing the waves crash on the shore and smoothies while sitting in the water. Husband enjoyed afternoon naps while I enjoyed reading on the balcony. Ooooh Ooooh and breakfast buffet!! The breakfast buffet was amazing. I need to get one of those for my house.

Basically it was a great get-away. We had a blast and got some time away for R&R, while keeping our selves on a budget at the same time.

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Charmaine said...

Oooh, looks lovely, I may near to suggest that to Chi Wai when we get a long weekend! Babymoon did I hear you say?