Saturday, September 19, 2009

FO: Monsters

I can finally tell you about two secret projects that I had been working on for a friend's baby shower.... Charmaine frequents my blog and my ravelry page so i had to be very secretive in my projects as to not let the cat out of the bag.. hehe

I also had a strict deadline to work with as we were thowing her a Surprise Baby Shower / Dyeing party!! But more on that later... First I want to share the FO's so here's the first one.

I found this pattern through Ravelry a while ago and fell in love with it. These guys just look so cute! So Charmaine's bump gave me the perfect excuse to make one.

They were so much fun to knit and the pattern was SO easy to follow. I would recommend Danger Crafts to anyone!

Aren't they just the cutest!

Pattern Details:
Pattern:Daphne and Delilah the Momma and Baby Monster from Danger Crafts
Yarn: Plymouth Worsted Encore - two held together. total stash buster! woot woot!
Needles: US 9's
Mods: I ran out of the light yellow towards the top of the baby so I omitted one of the decrease rounds.
Bonus: There is virtually NO seaming!!! It was only needed to close the stuffing hole and put the arms on! How fabulous is that?!?!

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Charmaine said...

Yep, they are the cutest! I love that you were working on these in secret for li'l ol' me!