Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wo-MAN's room

So today I'm sitting and waiting for an appointment in Abu Dhabi when I need to use the restroom....

I thought "no problem" as there was a men's and women's restroom not 15 ft from where I was sitting. I mean, fortunately it wasn't one of those places that expects you to wait forever for some appointment but with no bathrooms in sight.

Anyways I leave my purse with Husband and get up and head into the women's bathroom where there are two doors. I look behind door number one and find a hole in the ground. A porcelain hole, but a hole none the less. Cautiously I check door number two which to my relief sported a real toilet with toilet paper and everything!

I start to walk in and I hear the door to the bathroom open behind me. I turn and look and see a man walk in. A MAN! WALKED IN! And he headed straight for the porcelain hole! I froze! I didn't know what to do... all these thoughts running through my head

Should I say something to him?
But what?!?!
Wait, am I in the men's room?
I'm sure I saw this was the women's room.
How did he NOT know this was the women's room?? Maybe he doesn't read english very well?
Should I leave?
Should I stay?
He sure doesn't care that I am here that's for sure.
Oh my door doesn't lock. I'm totally leaving!!!!

I walk back out and check to make sure I really was in the women's room and I was! I also realize that they symbolize "women's room" by a little picture of an outline of a stick figure in a dress so guess there wasn't a language barrier problem.

I go sit back down next to Husband... "That was fast" He says to me...
"Watch the women's room door" I reply

Some 5 minutes later (FIVE MINUTES!) the guy comes strolling out of the women's room like there isn't a problem in the world... Husband looks at me and says "Seriously? He was in the ladies room?"

"Hehehe Yeah!"

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