Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ugh I know I have been a lazy bum and all... I'm sorry! Usually I'm much better about posting than I have been lately... I could give you tons of reasons but I'm not going to. I'm just going to tell you that i don't really have that much to write about right now. At least not anything I'm willing to write about yet. i just need some time to confirm everything before i go and put it on the internet for everyone and their mom to see. But don't worry you'll know all about everything in good time.

I did have some excitement a while ago that Charmaine blogged about here. The knitting group decided to throw Charmaine a surprise baby shower!!! It was so much fun!

And I was even able to get my piping bags dusted off to decorate this cake!
I really forgot how much I love cake decorating. Like knitting I find it quite cathartic to decorate a cake (and eat all the left over icing when I'm done)

Also we have had a couple more meetings since then... One was last week and all the ladies were so sweet and got me a birthday cake and sang to me!! They really made me feel special and I'm sure I got bright red.

That's right it was my birthday last week. What a great time I had this year. My husband truly surprised me which is hard to do and he made the day very memorable. This was also the first year, at my office, where my birthday wasn't during Ramadan so they got me a huge chocolate cake! It was so tasty! So between my family, my husband, my friends and my office I was very spoiled this year and I LOVED IT!