Friday, January 22, 2010

Packing - Part 1

Honestly I just hate packing. I always feel it's too early until suddenly it's too late and there is too much to do. I will procrastinate packing, in any form (vacation, moving apartments, moving countries!), for as long as possible until I'm cramming anything and everything I can get my hands on into whatever luggage/boxes I have on hand. This usually ends up with me packing a bunch of stuff I don't need. But oddly through my procrastination method I have actually become quite efficient at figuring out what I need and all the tricks to making it fit in my luggage (Love you space saver bags!!!!) and not really forget anything essential.
But this time is different (kinda) where I am attempting to get things done sooner. In fact I have ALREADY started packing! I have weeks left before we go but packing? Yup, I started! What have I packed you ask? I know. I know. You really just want proof that I am actually packing and not just saying I'm packing just to make it seem like I'm not just sitting around eating bon bon's all day (That was only Wednesday). So I started packing only THE most important thing! My stash!

That is four large space saver bags and two medium stuffed with all of my lovely yarn. I wanted to swim in it! In fact pulling all of the yarn out of their hiding places get me inspired. I started looking at the yarn thinking of all the lovely things I could knit with it. This Knit Picks would be great for some fair isle... this BMFA would make some lovely socks... OOOH this Posh Yarns would make a beautiful shawl....
I gotta say that it was very difficult to stay on task! But I did and it's all boxed up with FRAGILE written clearly all over the sides and all of the yarn is safely tucked away in plastic as to not experience any mildew or water damage.
As for the set of Knit Picks Options and Zephyrs those are going in my luggage. Can't take any chances there! I mean I'm not worried that the box of yarn wont make it (If I was I would be shipping my clothes and carrying on a bag full of yarn!) I'm more worried that I'll be somewhere and need to do an emergency cast on and wont have my needles!!! And I need choices people!! The needles. go. with me. (insert crazy-eyed look here)
What if- what if i'm walking around town and I stumble across an LYS. And I haven't been to one in months so I will definitely go in if I see one. And they have gorgeous cashmere on sale! (Let's not talk about the yarn diet right now cause we're talking hypothetical here) and and I have to go in and buy some and it's so lushes that I can't wait 2-3 days for the boxes with my needles to arrive to cast on cause (duh) it's CASHMERE. No I have to cast on something that day! But then I would have to BUY needles and well we know that just not economical... Not when I already have a full set of perfectly lovely Knit Picks Options! See, it's more realistic just to make sure I have my needles with me AT ALL TIMES! oooh and the Addi sock needles I have as well. What if I want to knit socks? but the bamboo they are packed cause really I'm not a fan of bamboo needles... I prefer metal. And the DPN's they are in the box too cause once you know magic loop well then do you really need your DPN's anymore? (I'm sure I'll live to regret saying that!) Nope. So just the full set of Option and Zephyrs will be enough.
But you had to know that some yarn stayed out cause I cant go up to a week with out yarn! That's just crazy talk right there. So I have set aside some pre-put-together (I don't think that's a word) projects that will keep me occupied for a few days and additionally for the crazy long ass flight home. As for what those projects are? You'll just have to wait and see!

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Sydney said...

It gets really busy when you get home, but don't forget to keep writing! :) I LOVED this post!