Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Packing - Part 2

Who knew one could accumulate SO MUCH STUFF!

It just never seems to end. I cleaned out my closet today just to turn around and see the chest of drawers waiting patiently for it's turn... then there's the kitchen which hasn't even been touched yet! and let's not forget that super clean bathroom that has it's own hidden treasures to be sorted and packed. There's just stuff everywhere. Everywhere. Tucked behind cabinets, next to shelves, under beds and on top of closets that are just waiting for me... taunting me with their endless reminder of "you may have cleaned out your closet but you haven't seen nothin' yet!"

I have found stuff that I had forgotten all about. Things that I haven't seen in forever, dusty and shoved to the back of some drawer just waiting to be rediscovered. Then there are the things that I can't believe we saved at all! Old receipts for coffee, tags off clothes, empty envelopes from cards we once received, and keys that go to nothing.

I suppose this is the good side to packing up a house. It forces you to clean out all the old stuff that you don't need or don't use and throw it away or donate it to someone who needs it. You get to start fresh and organized. Only having the necessities. None of the extras that are stashed away to be dealt with another day. Because today is that day.

Or maybe tomorrow.

But did I tell you? I packed all of the yarn...

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