Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Early Spring

You have probably figured out there are a few knitters that I keep my eye on. I almost feel like a little sister in that I run around doing whatever knitterly (if it isn't a word yet it should be!) things I see them doing.

I love their yarn. I love their patterns. I love the yarn they use for their patterns.

As you have probably guessed Jocelyn is one of those knitters I like to copy... er umm... follow? yeah that's right. FOLLOW!

Well a few months ago I saw this post she wrote about Madelinetosh 80/10/10 in the Mansfeild's Garden Party colorway.

And even though I don't usually go for super colorful yarns this one was just too good. Ever since then I have had my eye on that colorway. Whenever I see an FO knit with the same yarn I stare at it and think "ooooooooohhhhhh pretty"

and when I found and INCREDIBLE deal on the last skein of Mandelinetosh Tosh Sock in the same colorway I knew I had to snag it.

And on this cold, sunless, dreary day these bright spring colors couldn't have arrived at a better time!


Anonymous said...

OMG, that IS gorgeous, great catch! Can't wait to see what this skein becomes. I too wanna be like Jocelyn when I grow up :):)

Lindsay said...

thanks! you're another knitter i keep my eye on and tend to copy a lot... i heart all your projects

Jocelyn said...

OMG, you don't want to copy me. I suck. :P

Well can't say I blame you on the MadTosh love. I can't get enough of that stuff, but yes I need to stop buying yarn!

MGP is such a great colour, wild and crazy but has possibilities. What are your plans for this one?