Tuesday, April 12, 2011

But I can READ it!

A couple weeks ago I called the eye doctor to make an appointment for the hubbs. Everything was going great until the lady on the phone asked a life changing question: "Would you like an appointment too? (ok I'm a little dramatic... but still)

Me: Welllllll how often should one's eyes be checked? Mine seem to be working just fine.
Her: How long has it been?
Me: Let's see I was in high school so umm forever ago?
Her: I'll set you up right now. It can't hurt right?

That should have been tall tale sign right there.... It's like in a scary movie when they say "Stay here I'll be right back" You know they aren't coming back. It's all over. Their fate was signed with those six little words.

So we head to the office and the hubbs goes first. I figure I'll go in and the doctor will be all "Wow these are the most amazing eyes I have ever seen! You're vision is off the charts!"

But no. I went in and the doctor (Who was super great) was like "read this line.... which looks lens looks better..... I'm going to stare into your eyeball... yadda yadda yadda" (Direct quoting there)

Then when she finishes she says "How long to do you spend on your computer?"

I reply "Gotta sleep sometimes right?"

Then she says (and here's the kicker) "Do you spend a lot of time focusing on things up close rather than further away?"

The hours I had just spent knitting a project flashed through my mind.

I look around the room and mumble "Like knitting while surfing the internet and watching tv?"
(Come on I can't be the only one who does this right??)

She gets a small smile and says "Just like knitting while surfing the internet and watching tv."

"Well perhaps a couple hours a night" I may have been a bit conservative in my estimate.

She assesses (quite quickly I might add) and says "Yeah I think you need glasses. You can see great now (woot woot! -that was me not the Dr.) but your eyes are working too hard and let's try to keep you out of bifocals later" There was some more sciency doctor talk in there about how this was such a great idea and I wouldn't regret it but I was dizzy from the idea of glasses.

I perked up though when I went out into the waiting area and saw the walls of stylish glasses all waiting for me to try on and then pick my most favorite to take home! Shopping!

It took a while but after trying on about 40 different pairs I settled on these beauties. I love the colors and they are super light. The hubbs even says they make me look more astute

I guess I can get use to this after all


Aishah said...


What, no modeled pics? I am sure they look great on you.

I've had mine since I was about 8-9, and I still get excited when it comes time to pic out the frames, that's the fun part!

Jocelyn said...

Aww, I bet the glasses look great on you! I've been having problems with my current pair actually so maybe will need to book that appt with the optometrist soon.

Anonymous said...

Cool glasses!

I knew I needed glasses when I wasn't able to get the stitch count right after 5 tries, it's always about the knitting, lol!!!

Be said...

Another advantage I've found is that taking the glasses off can seriously soften the sharp edges of reality. (Seriously!)

Thanks for for the reminder - it's been like four years since I've gotten my eyes checked; heard somewhere that I should be doing this every two. Probably could use a more updated set of frames and yours are very nice!