Tuesday, September 18, 2007

waiting in line

lines here are ridiculous… first of all there are no lines or ques as they like to call them. people just rush up to the front of the counter and every time the poor guy on the other side looks up they all start ordering at once. the guy must then decide who he thinks was there first and if he’s wrong, and he always is, a battle begins between two people (not necessarily the next two people) who say that they are the one’s who are next and blah blah blah.
you might think hey why don't they use those ropes like the ones at the post office? they do and they don't work... people just go around the ropes and the people at the counter will never say anything because they honestly can't afford to loose their job.
add to this the fact that people’s personal bubbles are much smaller here and you end up being very uncomfortable and upset every time you try to go get a movie ticket. i just can't figure out what the person behind me is hoping to accomplish by stepping on the backs of my feet and bumping me forward in to the person in front of me.
honestly the problem here is that everyone thinks that they are the most important person ever! whether they are driving (don't get me started on the driving) or standing in line or shopping they are the most important person out there. what’s really funny is every once in a while you see a “really” important person tangle with an actual important person only they don’t realize it. that’s the time you can see them get put back in their place. when they are reminded that they are mere mortals like the rest of us!

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