Saturday, September 15, 2007

weekend? what weekend?

in this country there is no sense of weekend. when you start a new job the first thing people ask you is how many days do you work a week?
my usual response was "uhhh five." accompanied by my "ummm duh" face. later i realized that this is not the case for everyone. some only get one day off a week and others get a day and a half. this is in the form of either getting all of friday and half of saturday off or getting every friday and every other saturday off.
add to this the fact that the rest of the world gets saturday and sunday off and you have really frustrating weekends where you end up dealing with phone calls and e-mails of people trying to conduct business. when you inform the person on the other end of the phone that you are not at work because it's the weekend they act all surprised like "what do you mean you don't work every hour of everyday"
you end up in this endless cycle where it's easier to handle it at that moment then to let it wait or there's some saturday (a day everyone in the world should have off. no?) emergency of some sorts and the whole world will fall apart if you do not handle it right now!
really there's no way to fix the whole weekend situation because the more you get bugged on your weekend the more you start bugging others on theirs (in order to fix the saturday emergencies)... the more people bug each other and the more it seems ok. so really we need a new weekends rule. i think we need to take back our weekends and relax so that we can enjoy our time off to get all those things done that we otherwise don't have time to do.
lucky for me my boss likes his weekends so he never bugs me on mine, but those hotels...

btw the ducks are doing awesome this year (2-0).... so far! lets see how they do today!

Ramadan Kareem everyone!

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Lindsay said...

oh and the ducks won!!! we're 3-0! woot woot... now if only our mascot would stop beating other team mascots up!