Sunday, September 30, 2007

“flawless lindsay…. flawless”

as many of you know i have been working my way towards my second event which took place last week. this included about 60 people from all over the world and i handled and arranged everything from visas to hotel to the group dinners and event. during this whole time my boss made it clear that this event was to be “flawless” and now whenever i hear this word i have a pavlov’s response where my blood pressure spikes (see the psych degree paid off!). but that’s ok because the stress and hard work was totally worth it! my event was officially pronounced “flawless”! now don’t get me wrong there were problems that came up but thanks to the many people i have around me i was able to correct the problems before they were ever noticeable. i even got an award from my boss in front of everyone (only slightly embarrassing ; ) ) for my hard work. and it was great to meet the whole team from around the world. now i have faces to go with everyone's names. oh and i got to ride a camel! woot woot
so now i’m looking at all this event planning as good practice for the big wedding in the spring. anyways it has turned out to be a very good week for me with the event going well and the whole birthday thing tagged on to the end ; )

on a sadder note the ducks lost their last game and are now 4-1 :::sigh::: but we can come back from this… right?

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