Sunday, October 28, 2007



i know i know it's been forever! sorry! it's just hard too keep up. especially when my life is boring and i have nothing to write about. last weekend i sat in front of the computer thinking "what to write what to write?" but nothing came. i didn't want to tell you boring stuff about work and other than that i had nothing so i waited until something a little more exciting happened.

ok first i want to say that the ducks won again this last weekend! they were #5 in the country so we should move up a spot or two now... woot woot! of course the ducks start winning when i leave u of o... i just hope they can keep it up!

i went to a 2 day concert over the weekend and it was great fun. it was all kinds of music including kanye west, joss stone, madness (they were fabulous!) and mika (yeah i didn't know who he was either). it was fantastic and all of the artists put on a really great show. however one thing i did notice was that some of these artists think that they can treat people however they want. including telling security not to let anyone, touch, talk or make eye contact with them.... yeah they were that full of them selves and you know what? i'm not going to mention who these artists were but i was a bit surprised. i mean isn't it the people around you that make you famous and make everything happen? seriously? who demands that people aren't allowed to make eye contact. i was talking to security about this they were wondering about how to enforce this no eye contact policy. i told them they should just put the curtain down on the stage in front of him... hehehe.
on the other hand some artists were super nice and even went out to mingle with the crowds, take pictures and show that they appreciated the audience i.e. black violin they were so entertaining.

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