Saturday, October 6, 2007

cats vs. dogs

you all know that i have a particular fondness for dog, poodles specifically, but because of where we live (it’s hot) and the fact that we work so much we decided that a cat (or rather kitten) was the way to go. they love the heat and they don't need to be walked all the time. anyhow we felt we were ready for the commitment and the work especially if it meant that we would have this little kitten excited to see us and be cuddled by us. now in my world of dogs this made perfcet sence but in the world of cats boy was i wrong.
cats, at least our cat, dictates the amount of time and love she will give us by the amount of food we are suckered in to giving her. she cries in this little kitten voice like she hasn't eaten in weeks and weeks until we give in and feed her (and now she is quickly becoming an over weight cat). now dogs have much the same tactic in that they will beg and beg for food however once they are full or realize there is no food coming they quickly run to your side, lay their head in your lap and fall asleep. cats when they give up on begging will try to punish you by storming off to go sleep by them selves
dogs are excited when you come home…. even if you have only been gone a matter of minutes you still get a parade and dance as soon as you open the front door. i’m pretty sure that jerry’s meow (our cat) is far from “yay! your home!” and more like "i was sleeping when you barged in here and woke me up… but now that i’m up i’m hungry!”
dogs (especially poodles) love love love to be pet and cuddled and rubbed. they even move for you so that you don’t have to move your hand around too much. if they want their sides rubbed they move to their other side and if they want their tummies rubbed (and they always do) then they roll on to their backs making the whole petting process easier on you. and they can’t get enough… even when you pet them non stop for a half hour they still look at you like “that’s all?” with their sad eyes when you stop. cats on the other hand will come to you and let you (and i do mean allow you) to pet them for a minute and then they start walking around as you are trying to pet them. if you stop then they walk back to your hand so that you are prompted to pet again. once that cat has decided that they are done with your petting of them they attempt (and at times succeed) to bite you thus informing you that you are no longer welcome to pet them.
play time is different as well. cats have claws. and while they are not always attempting to get you but rather get the string or the ball or the bug sometime your hand ends up being the innocent bystander in a surprise attack. dogs don’t have claws… at least not sharp ones.
anyhow i do like cats and i do love dogs. they are both totally cute and do totally cute things like make a huge mess and then look at you like “oops sorry!” i’m just going to need some more adjustment time for having a kitty instead of a poodle ; )


Linda Escobar said...

Cats - you have to be the alpha kitty to make this successful. This means that you have to be even more aloof and distant than a cat. Never chase a cat for affection. Make them come to you. Cats are very social creatures. They crave company; they just don't want you to know they need you. I remember your poodle; but I can't remember her name. I want to call her Princess but I don't think that was it. I remember her painted toenails and matching ribbons. She was adorable. I hated poodles until I met her. I saw the cutest poodle at Elephant's Deli in the Pearl on Saturday night. He wasn't quite as large as a standard but he wasn't tiny either. He would stand on his hind legs and dance any time anyone walked by the front door - he was leashed to the post right outside the door. When you walked outside, he would dance around on his hind legs and whimper. Obviously he was begging someone to let him in so he could get to his owners. It was so cute and funny ... and then it just got plain pathetic as I watched him do it over and over. He wasn't out there long; it was just sad. And a little shameless. A cat would never resort to such a shameless display. But on the other hand, a cat can't be trusted to go out on walks too frequently. Enjoy your new pet.

EscoBlah said...

Well Hellooooo! This is Katie... Linda just gave me this link to your blog... I just wanted to let you know I'm cyberstalking you now ;-)

Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

Hi Katie!! good to hear from you! How is everything? i prefer to be friendly with my cyberstalkers : D