Tuesday, June 3, 2008

it's a vicious vicious cycle

this time last year i was just starting my brand new job and i was so excited to be working again. it had been nearly 6 months of no work and no school and i was going insane with all the extra time on my hands. i was knitting constantly and finishing a book nearly every day. i was tired of being along in a new town all day by myself while my (then) fiance went off to work and had important meetings and phone calls to make. i would drive the poor guy insane with phone calls and talking every day
also no work meant no money. i had all the time in the world to go shopping but to spend money on something not necessary (books and knitting materials not included) such as clothes, make up and purses.
today i have the job and i'm trying to remind my self of how unhappy i was with out one! now i have too much work... too many meetings! too many responsibilities (not to mention the hours) and now i have NO time to knit and every night, when i go to bed, i'm lucky if i can get through 5 pages of my book with out falling asleep! however, while i'm not rolling in excess money, i can splurge on something special (COACH COACH) if i have the time to shop and find something i like on the same day!
don't get my wrong i really do love my job and i have an exceptionally good boss so it's not the actual job that is the problem.... it's all the knitting and reading time that work is cutting in to! hehehe ; )

can you believe i'm looking in to a masters program? i'll be lucky if i'll be able knit one scarf a year! with size 15 needles even!


side note.... it was 52 degrees in portland today and (get this) 105 degrees in dubai. we were OVER 2 times hotter!!!! TWO TIMES! honestly i need to just stop looking at the temperature gage.

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Charmaine said...

Sometimes reading your blog is like reading something I have written myself! Ha ha! My work is crazy at the moment too. But the Coach handbag I got for Christmas from dear hubby makes it easier to bear (for a little while anyway!).