Saturday, June 14, 2008

happy father's day!!!

today is father's day back home and i gotta say i'm really missing my dad. i'm bummed that i'm not home to spend the day with him. in the past on father's day i would always spend the day with him doing what "he wanted" which always end up working out to be shopping at Washington Square Mall... hehehe. of course sometimes we would go sailing. when i was younger he would take me skiing on Mt. Hood, bike riding along the Colombia or even hiking in Government Park. he still tries to get me to go biking when i'm home but usually includes early hours and A LOT of working out. oh well that's of the things i love most about my dad... he never gives up on me! and hey maybe one of these days i'll surprise him and say yes to the 27 mile bike ride (but first i need to at least pretend to work out).

my knitting news is that last time we went home to the states my (now) hubby asked me to knit him a scarf! i was so excited so do something wifely for him so we went directly to the knitting store where i got him to pick out the yarn of his choice! he picked out this amazing yarn that i love! well in my ever vigilant, non-procrastination, way i started the scarf end of May (in my defense there was a wedding in there some where) and am now half way through it.... i figure he needs it now more then ever for the sub-zero malls everywhere trying to compensate for the 100 degree weather outside! hehehe but i'll make sure to post pics when i'm done, fingers crossed that will be by december ; )

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