Saturday, June 28, 2008

knit knit knit

well i sort of finished my husband's scarf...

it came out just as he wanted except that it's a bit too short! arrghh! and considering i got the yarn back home in december well i'm just hoping my mom will be able to find it again so that i can make it longer for him... fortunately (other than the length) he loves it! in fact now he has asked for a hat too!

now i have started a vintage cardigan for a friend who's sis is having a baby! i know, any excuse to knit baby things... i just love how cute everything looks in mini form and also how quickly you get results while knitting! plus if you are lucky people will send you pics of their baby wrapped up in your knits : D

anyhow this is where i'm at so far on the back of the cardi...

i'm working with a yarn i found locally (same as the baby booties) that is this amazing sage green color! it works great for a boy or girl except now i have found out i'm knitting for a girl! so i will add some pink ribbon along the boarder i think and then perhaps some pink booties with green accent... but i'm going to have to ponder this some more.

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