Saturday, August 9, 2008

all done!

well almost.

here's the Vintage Baby Cardigan (from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erica Knight) almost all done. all i need to do now is weave in the ends.

and here's an up close of the sleeve

umm well the only modification i made was to add the striping on the sleeve and i don't really consider that a modification. in fact i tried to stay as close to the pattern as possible because i had never attempted something so complex before and i was a bit intimidate. overall i'm happy with it. i did find attaching the sleeves to be hard only because the sleeves seemed to be smaller that the holes they were intended for.... but i decided to just give it a shot and see what happened and it worked out i think! also i did use (i'm proud to say) all locally found materials.

below is an update on the wavy scarf, mostly because i had my camera out already ; )

i really like the way it's coming out and i'm hoping to have it done within the next few days.... i'll keep you posted

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