Thursday, August 21, 2008

oooh i forgot to tell you!

in lebanon (see my post below) there was yarn!!! lots and lots of yarn!!! well at least compared to the uae...

here are a few of my favorites : D

this one looks black from far away but up close it's all rainbowy and i love it!

i missed being able to feel yarns and look at their true colors so much that i couldn't pass up this minty goodness

or the lilac... it's a bit thinner, i thought it might be nice for some lace work... maybe... keepin my options open

and LION BRAND woot woot!!!! i was so excited to see something i recognized that i almost fell over! and i have been wanting some more natural colors lately so here we go!

there were quite a few more that i got as well but i didn't want this most to scroll down forever with pics... most of the yarn brands i had never heard of and can't find on ravelry either but i'm sure i will still manage to make some beautiful things with them : )

also on my vacation i finished the rest of the projects on my needles. I KNOW! my needles are naked right now!! but don't worry don't worry they are only bare because i have so many projects i want to start that i don't know which one to start first!

any how here are my FO's!!

i made some baby booties to go with the vintage cardigan

i made them so the bottoms of the feet will be purple. they are also from simple knits for cherished babies

here's the wavy scarf made with rowan tapestry and using this pattern

up close!

i'm really happy with the way everything came out. all (except the booties) were new projects for me with some new techniques that kept my interest going. and here's what i learned.... picking up stitches is HARD but i can do it! and short rows are easy but look hard too everyone else ; )

my in laws also really liked my knitting! i think my MIL was really excited to see that i was at least a little domestic ; ) i don't cook too much, i don't clean too much, but at least i knit baby sweaters!

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Charmaine said...

Just in case you didn't hear, Ravelry is back! Woohoo! It has been unblocked!

Your cardigan and bootie set is just adorable and I really love your wavy scarf. The colour changes are so subtle and pretty. I'd love to see it in real life. Will you bring it along to our first SnB?