Thursday, August 21, 2008


sorry for my absence last weekend but i was on vacation. yup i enjoyed one entire week off of work and one entire week away from the ridiculous heat in Abu Dhabi. we went to the amazing city of Beirut. it was my first, of what i hope to be many many trips over my lifetime. let me show you a few of the pics i took while i was there

here is the famous square in down town Beirut during the day

at night

look at that crowd! we could hardly walk anywhere. the whole street is lined on both sides with restaurants that spill out on to the streets and off ov them were completely full!


me at Roche Rock... amazingly beautiful and you can even take a boat around the rock. i think that's in the plans for our next trip

REAL indigenous flowers growing outside. it's been way too long since i have seen that

Beirut from the Telefreak, which is a bucket ride to the top of a mountain that gives you a great view of Lebanon

over all it was amazing and beautiful. i realized just how much i miss living in a city where you can walk (oh how i miss walking out side) to most places, where people in the neighborhoods know each other, the city doesn't revolve around money and you feel the history of the country every where you go. the other great thing is that i got to meet a lot of my husband's family while we were there. it was great to see everyone and finally have faces to go with all those stories i'm told all the time. i have realized just how lucky i am to be married to a man with such a warm and accepting family. it was a fantastic vacation!

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Charmaine said...

Wow! Sounds great. I think I will have to add Beirut on to my list of places I want to go to.