Thursday, July 9, 2009

FO: Orange Hat

Fifth reveal Finished June 6th:

I knit this hat for my brother in-law. His vary favorite color is (you guessed it!) Orange! and not just any orange but bright cheeto orange. Fortunately I had some cheeto-orange yarn sitting in my stash so I started searching for the perfect hat pattern to knit. It had to have some design element to it, you know, not too plain. But it also couldn't be lacy or girly or anything. So after much searching I found the perfect pattern.

Isn't it FANTASTIC! I love the cables on this hat. Although I have realized that working cables makes my fingers hurt but for the effect it's totally worth it.


Pattern - Groovy Cable Tuque by Mimi Fautley
Size: Man's size
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted in Orange
Mods: No mods. This hat is perfect just the way it is.

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kod ekle said...

Orange hat,just wonderful...Greetings from Turkey.