Monday, July 13, 2009

New York, New York

So the couple days before and after New Jersey were spent in the Big Apple. I, personally, am a huge fan of New York City. Whenever I am roaming around the city with my coffee and bagel I think to my self "huh, I could do this.... I could totally do this!". Fortunately my husband is almost as fond of New York as I am.

The forever flight wasn't too bad, I slept for an hour, watched four movies and knit an entire hat (to be shown later). Fortunately this time around passport control was a breeze with my husband making friends all along the process in his usual way.

Right when we got out of the airport we headed to my sister's house in Brooklyn. I'm not sure if she realizes just how much I look forward to seeing her as I enter and exit the country. It's like immediate home. I don't have to take another flight or go any further to get that sense of home right away by spending time with my big sis. Not to mention my Niece is BEYOND adorable. I just love hanging out with her and her family.

So we made it to her house in the evening and ate and crashed... but a 14 hr fight will do that to you. But look at what my sister got for me on her last trip to Ireland!!!! SO EXCITING! Irish wool! I'm going to have to make something with cables.

The next day we bummed around the city going to the east village and to Purl Soho because I just could not wait any longer! I got some gorgeous yarns (I'm not going to show you everything just my fave but you are welcome to check out my Ravelry stash page to see them all)I loved the pewter color of this Tilli & Tomas beaded lace

So I guess my husband hot a little board with all the time I was spending in Purl Soho (although really I don't see how) so he was sitting out side and I was hovering over some sock yarn when I hear "Why thank you. It's nice to meet you too" and I turn and look outside and my husband is chatting with Ainsley Harriott (the guy with like 5 different cooking shows on BBC Food)! I briefly thought of putting down the yarn to rush out side and say hello as well but 6 months people(!) and a year and a half since I had been in a real, live, LYS so I stayed put, petting all the yarns.

After New Jersey we had another couple of days in the city where we went to Rockefeller Center

The Empire State Building

and Central Park

As you can tell we completely exhausted our selves in the first couple days of our trip.... but it was totally worth it.

After New York we headed for Arlington Texas to spend some much needed time with Husband's family. It was so much fun but I didn't get any pictures as we mostly just hung around and chatted. After all Texas is almost as hot as Abu Dhabi and who wants to go running around in that kind of heat?


Sydney said...

Oh I love the pictures and tales! Can't wait to read the rest!

Charmaine said...

Aw, I love New York. I wanna go back!