Monday, January 18, 2010

my first pattern!

ok people someone has requested the patterns for Mr. Bassil's Blanket & Hat so since I wrote it up I thought I would post it here as well!!! I KNOW! SO EXCITING!

Mr. Bassil’s Blanket & Hat

Supplies used:
4 balls of Rowan Calmer (Appx 700 yds) or another worsted weight yarn
Size US 7 needles

Directions for blanket:
Cast on 132
Rows 1-7: Seed stitch
Row 8: Seed stitch 5, K until last 5 stitches, seed stitch
Row 9: Seed stitch 5, P 3, *K1, P4* repeat until last 9 stitches, K1, P3, seed stitch 5
Repeat rows 8 & 9 until finished 3 balls (or reached desired length)
Seed stitch 7 rows

Directions for hat:
Using magic loop CO 65 stitches (to make bigger/smaller just increase/decrease CO by 5 stitches)
Row 1: K all
Row 2: K4, P 1
Repeat rows 1 & 2 for 6”
Do three needle BO
Make tassels by wrapping about 15 times around 4 fingers, tie at top and attach to two corners of hat

if you make either or both send me pics!

note: this hasn't been test knitted (knit?) cause i'm just not that fancy yet. so if you find any corrections please let me know!


Charmaine said...

Go you, with your first pattern! Very impressive.

Trish said...

I like the seed stitch in the rib.

Louiseluvsyarn said...

Congratulations!! Super Duper pattern!!!

R a i n said...

Woot woot! Congratulations :)

Cissy said...

`hello maam...i'm a house wife settled in abudhabi. i'm interested in crochet works. i would like to know from where in abudhabi i can get different types of yarns??i'l be really thankgul if u can pass me the information.

Dawn said...

What is "magic Loop"?

cguilliams said...

Is the hat done in the round or flat?