Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FO: Whipped Cream

So it's not secret that I am throughly in to yarn swaps. I love the whole process. Figuring out what someone would like and knitting for them is one of the very best parts

Recently I put together an angle package for an Ice Cream themed swap. An angle package means that someone, for whatever reason, flaked on sending out their swap package therefore someone who sent a perfectly well thought out and loved package to someone else didn't receive anything in return and thats where I came in.

I saw that there was someone who needed an ice cream themed swap and seeing as I worked at a Baskin Robins for 8 years I feel I practically have a PhD in the topic so I decided to go for it.

I put together a really cute box which had each part of the package making up a sundae. There was these super cute project bags my mom made.

The large bag was the "cone" for the sunday. There was some yarn which made up the "ice cream", then the little bag made up the "sprinkles", and a much desired book by my swappee made up the "cherry" on the cone. But I ask what kind of sundae doesn't have whipped cream?

So I included this shaw which I knit for her off her queue (a queue is the list of projects we knitters wish to make)

It's a super fast knit and it's knit in garter stitch rather than stockinet stitch which really speeds things up for me (see this post)

Project details:

Pattern: Vixen Shawl by Tori Gurbisz
Yarn: Posh Yarn - Laura in Garden Party.
Needles: US 6
Mods: I didn't modify this pattern at all However if I were to knit it again I would definitely up the needle size as it didn't come out anywhere near as big as pattern called for. Also the yarn is gorgeous and also has a little cashmere in it so it's super soft but it's also quite splitty.

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