Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FO: Traveling Beaumont

I have been wanting to knit Paper Dolls by Kate Davies (only with camels) for a while now but have been intimidated to test my color work skills on such a large project where it could have gone ALL WRONG! And seeing as it's worked from the bottom up I wouldn't even know it's was ALL WRONG until the project was nearly completed... and you all know how much I hate frogging knits that are almost done

So I decided to give color work a try on a smaller scale, like a hat. That way if it didn't work out then I wouldn't be out hours and hours and hours of work... I would only be out of just a few hours!

But it did work and I'm totally addicted. I love it and I just can't stop. I find it so gratifying and entertaining to watch the patterns emerge row by row until finally a picture begins to form. Also seeing colors paired together really adds a new beauty to my knitting that I just haven't experienced before.

Project Details
Needles: knit using magic loop US size 3 and 6
Yarn: Hand & Hand in white and Handmaiden Cabash Sock in Amethyst
Mods: went down by one needle size in both the small and large needles after reading other's comments. I also cast on with the purple then switched to white instead of knitting the entire band in purple to ensure I would have enough purple to make it to the top!

I've already started my second color work project (details on this one later!) because I just can't get enough!

I'm now looking at my stash in a whole new way. Moving skeins around checking to see if they belong together. The possibilities are endless! Endless I tell you!


Berry said...

Hey hun!

So, I'm thinking of learning how to knit. Can you recommend any books that will teach me simply and easily? Also, what yarn/needles should i work with? Any specific shops I can look for online or maybe find here in Canada?

Lindsay said...

first join ravelry (

i'm sure you can find a good yarn shop where ever you are in canada and they can set you up with some good starter yarn and needles & book. the shop might also be willing to teach you or tell you when they have classes

then you can learn via youtube and when you are back in the UAE let me know and i'll tell you how to get in contact with my knitting group there and they will also be happy to help out

yay for learning to knit!!!