Saturday, January 22, 2011

Da Bears

Chicago is all a-buz with talk of the "big game" against the Green Bay Packers tomorrow...

The whole city is out showing it's support. There is blue and orange everywhere

Also I have been really careful not to sport my duck colors (sans duck) in case I might be mistaken for a :::gasp::: packer's fan! There's only room for one Green n Yellow team in my heart.

And seeing as Oregon has no NFL team to support I have decided to adopt Da Bears -

It opens up a whole new knitting world of blue and orange (not to be confused with black and orange - oh no) sqeee!

Go Bears!


Jocelyn said...

:gasp: You're not a Packers fan? Despite the yellow and green? I got into watching NFL because of them.

KnittedGalaxy said...

I was cheering for the Packers! I was also cheering for the Steelers! Now they are BOTH in the super bowl! WHOO HOO! This is going to be an exciting game! :)

Lindsay said...

LOL if i start rooting for the packers then my entire wardrobe would be green n yellow!

but don't worry my heart isn't in it the way it is for the ducks.... won't be renaming my blog "knitting bear" any time soon haha