Tuesday, September 16, 2008

all work and no play

makes for a grumpy lindsay. it's still ramadan and already i'm feeling a bit over loaded. there's just too much to get done and not enough awake hours to get it done in. i must say that peoples unreasonable expectations make me extra grumpy, some days i just want to tell people no. no i cannot print that out. no i cannot get you a taxi. no i cannot order you lunch and spot you the money for it! :::big sigh::: it's weird some days i really love what i do and other days things seem to compound and i get grumpy. really grumpy. ok i'm done complaining let's talk about something nice! it's time for a.....

knitting update!!!!

i finished the first sleeve on the pinwheel sweater (woot woot) i made it only 11" instead of 12" like the pattern calls for because 12 seemed excessive. they say that a four year old can wear the same sweater as a 2 year old (one size pattern) and i just don't see it. even in the pics it looks too small on the four year old. so i made an executive knitting decision and stopped an inch short. i just didn't want my niece swimming in sleeves, you know?

i'm going to go get started on sleeve number 2 now because i actually have an occasion to give my niece this sweater!! it's her congratulations-you-started-walking sweater!!! she just turned 1 and she's walking, now i'm not exactly sure when kids are suppose to start walking but i have decided that she is exceptionally talented and i'm very proud of her and she deserves a sweater (let's forget that i was going to give it too her before she started walking). and sis if you read this pretend you didn't ; )

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