Saturday, September 27, 2008

FO: pinwheel!!!! oh yeah!

i did it! i finished the pinwheel sweater for my niece and managed to do it before she graduated high school!! it was a little touch and go there for a while because my work was so demanding. i had another meeting to plan and i had two weeks to put it together. it was a bit stressful (to say the least) and my knitting took a back seat to, umm, sleep but i'm getting back on track and with the beautiful FOUR day weekend next week i'm sure i will be able to make a lot of progress. i mean i wouldn't want to show up to the SnB with nothing new to show : D

anyhow with out further adoo.... the pinwheel sweater!

isn't it cute? i'm tempted to make another one just to keep around for a while but i'm already on to new projects. after finishing the pinwheel i cast on this baby sweater for a friend of mine who is due in december. i'm working with Lion Brand Jiffy so that it will be nice and soft and warm for the baby as they live in a climate colder than our own

here's a friend who came to keep me company at the meeting i planned last week

and i thought i would sneak in a pic of my Jerry (my more elusive kitty cat) actually curled up and sleeping out in the open (usually she hides under the bed). she's been very unlike herself lately (meaning friendly) and the last time she was like this she was pregnant... now i know i got her fixed (she still runs when i get the cone out) so it can't be that... hhhmmmm... oh well i think i'll just enjoy it while it lasts


Duck news: University of Oregon lost last week Boise State : ( we are now 3-1 :::sigh::: oh well, we still have a long season to go i'll keep you posted on how the game this weekend goes.


Sydney said...

I'm sorry about your Ducks Lindsay! But I can't say I'm too sad about our win! (woot woot!) Anyway, the sweater looks awesome and I know your niece will be adorable in it! Thanks for the heads up about the shopping btw! Sales are ALWAYS good news! (Especially here, huh?) Anyway, talk to you soon!

Charmaine said...

Hi Linsday! Your pinwheel sweater is great! I'm sure your niece will love it! Enjoy your Eid break and get lots of knitting done! See you at SnB soon!

Adrianna said...

Wow, Lindsay. That sweater is truly beautiful! You've outdone yourself.

Congratulations on eating in public again -- you made it.

xoxo Sis