Saturday, September 6, 2008


i have noticed an ongoing battle here (in the United Arab Emirates) when it comes to movies... i have realized over the last several movies that i often leave upset and sometimes even offended. it makes me often wonder why i even bother to pay all that money to go to a movie when i'm just going to end up in a bad mood.

last night we went and saw "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" at Marina Mall and i went in with the understanding that this was a kids movie and that kids are going to do kid things. but there were four kids sitting in the front row screaming, talking and even running around during the ENTIRE movie! when we finally left, that is when i realized that their parents/caretakers/torture givers had sat their kids in the movie and then left! just left them there for an entire theater of people to deal with for nearly two hours!

we saw "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" at Abu Dhabi Mall a few weeks ago and the lady next to me sat and talked on her phone. not only did her phone ring out loud but she answered it! and not in a hushed "i'm in a movie and will call you back way" no she had an entire conversation. out loud. normal voice. of course she also stepped on my foot as she was getting in to her seat and didn't say excuse me either, so obviously she wasn't too concerned with the people around her.

now i know these (rude people who have no idea that their actions effect others) people exist all over the world and not just here in Abu Dhabi but it seems excessive here. every time we try to go to a movie we run into people like this who think they are in their own living rooms and do not take in to consideration the people around them. i cant figure out if it's the culture or if people are just so selfish that they don't care that they are ruining someone else's experience.

:::sigh::: i suppose this won't stop me from going to the movies because some movies are just so much better n a big screen with popcorn and a coke but i won't stop complaining about the dumb people! thats for sure!


Sydney said...

This is why we bought a big TV with surround sound and we hit LuLu's for the coke and popcorn beforehand. I really think there are more rude people here, but I think it has as much to do with the culture here facilitating it than just with people being rude on purpose. Look at the driving! My new standard for a place is going to be in the way people drive... it tells you a lot about what to expect in the rest of the culture! :)

p.s. I think the blondes should unite here!

Sydney said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment. I definitely do want details! :) Email me from my profile if you would. I think getting to know more people could definitely help with the bouts of homesickness.