Saturday, September 13, 2008

fantastic weekend!

it is amazing what meeting new people can do for your mood and outlook. i met four fantastic women at the first Abu Dhabi SnB this weekend. We met at Marina Mall's Caribou Coffee and some of the women i have been blog chatting with for a while and the rest were new to me completely.... and this made for a fantastic weekend.

it wasn't that i have been in bad or down mood lately or anything like that. i'm not even that homesick but getting to hang out with a bunch of women who have the same interests in knitting as i do and also can understand some of my expat frustrations of living here in Abu Dhabi was great! it was just one of those things that you didn't realize you were missing until you had it again. i miss just hanging out with a bunch of girls talking about whatever while drinking coffee (after ramadan).

although i must say i'm very fortunate... it took me some time to start making friends out here but through work i have met some great people who i hope to keep in my life ling after i leave the United Arab Emirates and now through knitting i have met four more!

in knitting news: i am almost done with the Pinwheel Sweater.... it's obviously too small for me but i won't say who it's for cause it should be a surprise. ; )

anyhow here's the Pinwheel Sweater with the body done and the hole where i'm about the add a sleeve (that is now half done) the white stripe on the other side is where the second sleeve will be

up close

this is the tunic i'm working on from fitted knits. i'm more than half done with the front at this point. the first picture shows the color really well but not the detailing...

where the second picture show the detailing really well but not the color

:::sigh::: try as i might i could not get both color and detialing in one picture! i was going to try to take a picture of it outside and see if natural sunlight would help but, you know, it's hot and dusty and i just didn't want to go outside today.

Duck update: University of Oregon is playing Purdue today... so far we are 2-0 so hopefully we make it to 3! but don't you worry i'll keep you updated


Sydney said...

I had such a great time hanging out with you guys this weekend. I really hope to do it again soon. I absolutely know what you mean about the improved mood thing too. Glad you had fun too! :)

Eric and Shana said...

Ducks won!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd overtime, if you didn't know. glad you had a great weekend.
Love you

Lulu said...

Hey!!! I am making that exact same sweater ... imagine, two people in the UAE knitting the same thing!! Good luck with yours. Lotsa love, lulu