Saturday, March 13, 2010

FO: Ducky Socks!

I finally have an FO to show everyone! It feels like it had been forever - when really I guess it's only been a couple week. Although it might also just feel like a long time because I cast on for these socks on Dec 31st! So it has taken me two months to knit a pair of socks... my excuse: Ravelympics

I started these socks to show my obvious support for the Oregon Ducks (as embarrassing as they are at the moment)... In case wearing a t-shirt, hoodie and sweats weren't enough I thought my feet should show my allegiance as well.... not to mention I love love love the vibrant colors of this yarn!

Pattern Details
Duckies by Samantha Hayes
flydesigns Monarch, Colorway - Spring
Needles: US 2’s Addi circs
Mods: I knit these two at a time using magic loop. The pattern calls for DPNs so the only modifications I had to make was the math in my head to convert the pattern to magic loop.

This was my first top down sock and my first time knitting two at a time. I love the two at a time process it feels great when they are done at the same time not to mention I love that I don’t have to remember for the second sock when I turned the heel or when I started on the toe – the two socks just come out the exact same!

I also, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t pair this bright vibrant yarn with this pattern only because I think a softer colorway would do this pattern more justice however how could I pass up making my Oregon Duck sock in a pattern named duckies? Just not possible.

The more socks I knit the more I like them and the more I come to the conclusion that I am going to have to get shoes that show them off better!

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