Friday, February 26, 2010

FO: Ruffly Ravelympic Gloves!

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been working on a project for the Ravolymipics. The Ravelympics is where you start a knitting challenge on the first day of the olympic and try to cast off by the last.

I was worried a few times that I wouldn't make it. I mean moving across the world, traveling across the country and living out of a suit case just make it more difficult to get my knitting done. But as my husband likes to remind me when something gets in my head well then I just have to get it done! and get it done I did!

I love the way they came out and have worn them already!

But this project was not with out its challenges. First I realized that I had packed all of my buttons away in the knitting box to be shipped and as you'll notice these gloves call for an exceptional number of buttons. Buttons I didn't have. Fortunately I knew of the perfect little shop,
Purl SoHo, that could help me out.

Then when I got home and finished up my knitting I realized that my darning needles were nowhere in sight. Who knew what box or suit case I packed them in as I was rushing to get everything together in the days before we left Abu Dhabi. So I found a closer knitting shop (hey it's snowing I'm not about to go across town for needles!) and got the much needed needles to sew on the buttons. Let's not mention that I found my other needles the next morning. Nope don't need to go there.

Anyhow here are the specs:
Plain Talk Ruffled Mittens by Laura Irwin
Yarn: Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3 ply in a wine and carmel color - Love love love this color! I don't know if I have ever loved a yarn's coloring as much as I love this one.
Needles: US 4, 5, 6
Project Mods: None needed. Works perfectly just the way it is. Although I did knit these in Magic Loop instead of on DPNs

Did I mention the ruffles on the gloves go great with my
Silky Ruffly Scarf!

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