Thursday, March 25, 2010

FO: Hats - Part 1

I have had some extra knitting time on my hands lately and while I have been making progress on my super-secret-never-to-talk-about project I have also been working on hats... lots and lots of hats

This is going to be in parts because 1 I don't have that much to tell you so I cant use everything up in one post. 2 It's 1 am right now and I don't have the brain power to get it all in one post even if I wanted to. 3. It would be a ridiculously long post

So... Part 1

First up my husband requested a hat. Yeah I know it's March and Spring in the States but remember for us desertaties this is COLD! So he said "hey wanna go to a yarn store?" and I was running out the door with my purse and the car was already started before he even finished what he was saying...

When we were well on our way to the shop he finally finished saying "Remember that
orange hat you knit for your BIL a while back?"

and I was all "Uhh of course! Hello!"

So we went to the shop and he picked out this beautiful Berroco Vintage in a heather brown

When we got home I immediately got to knitting... It took longer than a hat usually would because of all the cables but they are totally worth it in the end.

So here are the pattern details

Pattern: Groovy Cable Tuque by Mimi Fautley
Yarn: Berroco Vintage worsted in a brown heather
Needles: US 6 circs using a magic loop
Mods: None

The only bummer was I had to do the top of this hat three times!! The first time the hat was too short. The second time it was too long and the third was just right. Husband likes it and that's what's important... right?

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