Friday, March 12, 2010

One Month

It has been one month since we left UAE, since we left our home. I find it a little odd that I keep referring to UAE as "home" especially because I never stopped referring to the US as "home" but here I am telling my husband that I miss the red orange juice from home, or that's not how they do it back home, or back home the guy would just come to your house and fix that for 100 AED.

Instead of converting Dirhams to Dollars to find out the "real" price of something like I did when I moved to UAE now I'm converting Dollars to Dirhams. Is $2 for a Coke a good deal? I dunno. But do I know 7 AED isn't!

For the most part our transition has been very smooth (except for the excessive travel) and we really haven't faced too many problems. We're now in Portland where it looks like we'll be based for a while. We have enjoyed spending time with family and the rain (MIXED WITH SNOW!!! Seriously!) We have also managed to get a bunch of the chores done like bank things, visits to the DMV and other oh so exciting stuff that I wouldn't bore you to tears with.

It's great being back in Portland but it's also weird not knowing it as well as I use too - I know how to get to little shop that sells my favorite sandwich but I can't remember the back way I use to take when the traffic was bad. I know there's a Subway around here somewhere I just can't remember exactly where. And even more weird is that everyone expects me to remember things - you don't know how to get there? well you went there 4 years ago!

But over all we're having a blast and enjoying our time together. I'm not sure that it has sunk in that we have no return ticket yet as it still feels like a long vacation. But I'm really missing my friends and (I never thought I would say this but) I really miss the sun. I miss the malls too... in all their excessiveness.

So here's to one month! I know that we will get back in the groove with time and soon home will be a distant memory - but my friends never will be! Miss you guys!


~* Berry *~ said...

"home" misses you too.

I was thinking today that this country sucks you in... in more ways than one. Once you realize that, its too late. You are either stuck here, or stuck elsewhere... no middle ground exists!

Miss you!

shm said...

Lindsay my dear, missing you loads ^_^

Suzie Angel said...

I MISS YOU TOOO!!! Coffee is just not the same in the mornings, office gossip has died, and lunch is really boring.

I often find myself going downstairs to the vending machine for a coke, and while i drink it...a soft voice in my head says" "this one's for you Linds".

One good thing about you leaving...I'm now the only person here with SO MANY Emoticons/smileys! hehe

MISS YOU LOTS. Glad you guys are doing well. Send my regards to Hilal, k?

Suzie Angel said...


Coffee is just not the same in the morning, office gossip has died, blond jokes are usually aimed at me since i'm the only one left...and lunch is boring!!!

I usually find myself going down to the cafeteria, buying a coke and softly saying "this one's for you Linds" as i drink it.

Glad you guys are doing well. MISS YOU LOTS! Send my regards to Hilal.