Saturday, February 27, 2010

FO: Pink Hat

A few days before the ravelympics started I cast on for this hat that I have had my eye on for a while. Ever since I saw the Side slip cloche hat I knew I had to make it for my self!

And I had just enough Rose Quartz Twisted left over from my FLS to make it. Or so I hoped. After I knit the band around the base, then picked up the stitches around the edge and did the increase row I started to worry that I wasn't going to make it.

The little ball of yarn I had was getting smaller and smaller.... and while I was fairly sure I had enough I just wasn't POSITIVE because I really had no idea how much yarn I had left. So I increased the needle size from the suggested size US 5 up to a US 7 and got back to work. Of course I ended up with loads of yarn left over! (Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with a baseball size ball of yarn)

This is the first hat I have ever had that wasn't fitted at the top but is instead a little loose. I really like it! It's also the first time I knit a hat by knitting the band around the base then picking up the stitches along the edge and knitting the rest. I like this technique and it isn't nearly as hard as I always feared. I'm just not a big fan of picking up stitches but I'm realizing that it isn't nearly as hard as I always tell my self it is.... and it's totally worth it.

It came out perfectly and really I can't even tell that I upped the needle size by two! Of course I just love the ruffles on the side (I just might be on a ruffle kick here) and I love the softness of this pink.

So here are the specs:

Pattern: Side slip cloche by Laura Irwin
Yarn: Twisted from BMFA in Rose Quartz
Needles: Size US 5, 7
Mods: I used size 7 needles after I picked up the stitches around the boarder and did the first row of increases. This was to stretch the yarn as far as it would go!

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~* Berry *~ said...


That hat is fantastic! I'm always left in awe when I see your finished projects. I can not comprehend how someone could make something so beautiful with their own two hands. Then again, my lack of creativity is probably why I can't imagine two sticks and a thread could do that.

missing you. You missed one hell of a sandstorm/rainstorm here