Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Recipe for a famous sock - KISS in Chicago!

Here's what you need to make your sock (or in this case Amanda's sock) famous

2 good friends on an adventure - one has to be smart enough to think outside the knitting bag - in this case all credit goes to Amanda!

2 tickets to KISS & 2 surprise backstage passes

1 sock in progress

Add a dash of waiting in line and persistence in the backstage area and you get this:

KISS holding a SOCK in progress!

After picture enjoy the concert and let rest for a while in a cool dark room until mid-noon

Wake up, brush off Rock N Roll party dust and send photo to the Yarn Harlot

Watch Amanda's pink sock become famous!

Backstage at KISS and being on the Yarn Harlot's blog in less then a week... This is so exciting I might pass out.


janed21 said...

I KNOW! I'm still a little star struck! Too bad the sock is a Christmas present for my sister! LOL

Lindsay said...

you could always start another sock for her and keep these famous ones for your self!

Alison said...

Well done!!!

--AlisonH at

Jocelyn said...

Yay! I nearly fell over when I saw your post, then had to follow the link to Stephanie's blog and posted there too. Lucky duck!

sundownersmiles said...

Way to go! Fame, socks, rock and roll ... life doesn't get much better sometimes!

Aishah said...

That is really awesome, you must have had a huge blast.

I am not really a KISS fan or anything, but this is one of those moments when I call the dh and say "come quick, come quick , look at this!" while pointing at the computer beaming and saying "I know her, and isn't this so cool!"

(btw dh totally didn't know who KISS was, it was a weird moment, how can you not know who KISS is?!?!?)

Lindsay said...

he didn't know who KISS WAS????? WHAT?!?! is that possible? LOL! i thought they were like Coca Cola - recognized across the world

diplotrotter said...

OMG, your face!