Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been having loads of fun swapping lately. I love the whole process of it. I love looking for things I think someone will like and knitting them something special. This has pushed my knitting boundaries which I also love. Trying new techniques or just knitting something I wouldn't normally knit (like a Bad Horse and Unicorn).

The other fun part is seeing how people see me and what they think I will love. Oh and getting a surprise box of presents is always loads of fun...

So I joined the "spoiler's choice swap" where we listing themes that interested us and our spoiler got to choose which one (or all) of those themes to base the package on

My themes were: Mystery Books, Notecards, Relaxation, oh and Purple (surprise surprise)

This is the AMAZING package I received

Don't you just love looking at a pile of wrapped presents! It makes me SO giddy

For relaxation...

let me tell you that foot cream is AMAZING.

For my love of notecards...

I love notecards. I really love when they have interesting designs. I really love the design on these and look there's a matching pen! and other little stationary goodies. so much fun!

For mysteries...

Can you believe I received 4 (FOUR!) books!!! and all Mysteries and the main character is a knitter!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.
And check out this book cover which was hand crocheted in PURPLE! LOVE!

Finally there was this gorgeous NORO. I love noro and can't wait to get my knitting needles working on this.

This was such a great package and I'm so impressed with how well my swapper "got" me. I loved everything! It makes me want to sign up for a hundred more swaps!

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